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Season 1 


January 2018 - Venue Twice in Nature


HIPHOP Goa was formed in 2016 bringing together artists from HiPHOP culture so far covering over 7 different countries including India, France, New York, Uk, Spain, Italy, and Africa. 


Goa Hiphop Festival will be returned to Goa  in December 2018, boasting strictly independent artists expressing, singing, breaking, creating and collaborating together live on a universal dynamic scale. Last season we pulled together with Beat box Without Borders India, beat box collective,

Hosted by MCEucalips (Delhi) delivering a 16 piece beat box battle with 16 Artist from all over Asia/India competing together in a live beat box battle, We saw Live performances from the likes of Bawari Basanti (India), MCSolomon (UK) Third Pulse (INT) Craig R Ninjah (Uk)

Amadis and the Ambassadors (UK) Prem Diva Sitar ( Rahjistan) Ixist - (Delhi) LMK (France) ,


The 2 day festival was held in Twice in Nature in Arambol on Saturuday 27th , Sunday 28th January 2018 hosting live Art Work, HipHop/Sitar/Dance workshops, fire dancers, singers, rappers, and some of India's finest DJs spinning live HipHop and Jungle sets for the people, this event is built around International HipHop culture from Beatbox to Live Instruments, Hard hitting concious rap, spoken word, poetry, HipHop .


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