This Sesaon we will be hosting an International Hiphop Panel/Talk live at the festival, talking about how HipHop has had a positive impact and effect on the youth of India, and how they can benefit from the culture of the music, and everything it carries in society, we will have speakers from

Desi Hip Hop/ Record Label Representatives/ Artists/ Festival Organisers/Local Goan Representatives

having an open discussion analysing the key elements of Hiphop in India and Asia as a whole and how 

we can connect cultures through music on an international level.

Since the Hit movie GullyBoy (Produced by Ranveer Singh) was released in national cinemas across India,

There has been a rise in the statistics of underground artists from all 4 corners of India breaking through into the scene, featuring rappers, breakdancers, graffiti writers, beatboxers

and DJs starting to hit stages for the first time in India, showcasing their raw, powerful, social poetry,

singing, rapping , dance performances, live graffiti/artwork shows and beatbox performances.

This panel will be hosted covering how:

Popular music cultures main demographic are reached with-in Asia as a whole with-in the Hip Hop genre.

The impact HipHop music has had across Indias 1.4Billion population of people.

The way that workshops such as music production, dance workshops, poetry workshops, graffiti/art workshops , drum workshops can connect with young children and adults in a positive way, improving 

general mental health, raising awareness amongst one another, learning mathematics through the way beats are created using numbers in patterns of the musical structure.